DNA Shearing for Next-Gen Sequencing

The Q800R2 is our 2nd generation shearing system. Improvements include an enhanced user-friendly design and quieter operation while remaining thousands of dollars less than the competition.

Q800R Package

  • Low cost
  • High throughput
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Uses standard tubes


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Q800R System


We’ve been using Qsonica Q800R in our NGS library preparation pipeline for more than two years. Over that time, we processed hundreds of samples and Q800R has proven to be an exceptionally reliable machine producing consistent results with little variability from run to run. Q800R allows us to finely control the size distribution of sheared fragments. Its ability to process up to 24 samples at a time provides more than sufficient capacity for our workflow.

- Dr. Igor Antoshechkin, Caltech