Conferences and Tradeshows

November 15 - 17, 2017
Marijuana Business Conference
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV



Click here to learn more about our partnership with Le Herbe and how sonication is being used in the Cannabis industry. Find out more about Le Herbe at www.leherbe.com.

Click here to read about the BEVNET article "Le Herbe Brings Ultrasonic Technology to Cannabis Beverages."

Click here to check out Lab Manager magazine’s article on “Ultrasonic Liquid Processor Features That Matter Most.” Researchers and manufacturers weigh in on using ultrasonic processors to lyse cells, purify proteins and disperse nanomaterials and how you can pick the best processor for your application.

New Products

New Q800R2 DNA Shearing Sonicator
Qsonica is pleased to announce the 2nd generation Q800 sonicator with improvements including enhanced user-friendly design and quiet operation ....


New Sonicator Videos on YouTube
Click here to view our channel and check out new Q700 and Q1375 videos.