• Probe Options

    Probes (also known as horns) are solid titanium accessories for the Sonicator that process a range of different sample volumes. They come in many shapes and sizes. Using the appropriate size probe can greatly reduce processing times and ensure an entire sample is processed properly. The sample volume processed is directly related to the tip diameter. Smaller tip diameters are best for small samples, larger probes are required as sample volume increases.

  • Sound Enclosure

    Sonication produces high pitch noise that can cause discomfort to the user and anyone nearby. The Sound Enclosure reduces noise by approximately 20 dBa and is made to work with all accessories. The Sound Enclosure safely and securely holds the converter and probe assembly, an additional stand or clamp is not required.

  • Coolracks

    Secure sample tubes and keep samples cold with the new cool rack tube chilling modules. Racks are offered in several different sizes.

  • General Accessories

    Qsonica also manufactures other general accessories such as stands, footswitches and replacement converters.

  • Cup Horns

    Cup horns offer indirect sonication and function as high intensity ultrasonic water baths. Samples can be processed in sealed tubes or vials eliminating aerosols and cross contamination. Cup Horns are ideal for sterile or pathogenic sample processing and enables multiple tubes to be processed at one time.

  • 8 Tip Horn

    The 8 tip horn enables 8 samples to be processed simultaneously.