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Flocell Accessories

For High Volume Flocell

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The Q2000's Flocell requires a variety of accessories to use the system to it’s full potential. The complete system can be ordered as a package, or you may choose to purchase select components.

Process Tank (830-00521)
This 25L tank is the reservoir for the process liquid. It connects to the mag drive pump and via a 3-way valve, to the filtration process.
Heat Exchanger (830-00522)
Ultrasonics generates a significant amount of heat. The heat exchanger works with the chiller to extract the heat and maintain your desired temperature range.
Magnetic Drive Pump (830-00523)
Recirculates the process liquid through the process tank, Flocell and heat exchanger continuously.
Peristaltic Pump (830-00524)
Pumps the processed liquid through the filtration system. This type of pump is required to maintain sterility.
Sanitary Filter Housing (830-00525)
Sterilizing grade filtration is needed at the final step to remove titanium contamination as well as any other contaminants resulting in a food grade product.
Filter Cartridge (830-00526)
10" replaceable, 0.2µm, PES filter cartridge compatible with the Sanitary Filter housing.
Chiller (830-00914)
The chiller circulates coolant through the heat exchanger to maintain the temperature of the process liquid.
Automation Package (830-00529)
Utilizes feedback from flow, temperature and pressure sensors, along with a serial communications interface Controller with the ultrasonic power supply to monitor for process irregularities and failures. In the case of a process deviation, the controller will sound an alarm and shut-off the ultrasonics until an operator corrects the error.
NanoOptimizer™, 10kg (NANO-10)
All-In-One Surfactant system delivers industry-leading particle size and is composed entirely of GRAS ingredients.
Mixer (830-00527)
This heavy duty 1,200 RPM Lab mixer with stand will mix the process liquid inside of the tank to support even processing.
Hotplate (830-00528)
The 1,800W hot plate includes an 18L stainless steel pot to ensure proper initial mixing of active ingredients and surfactants prior to ultrasonic processing.
Flocell Probe (4676)
Replacement 1.5" titanium Flocell probe
Sound Enclosure (4475)
The sound enclosure houses the ultrasonic stack and Flocell and protects users from the extremely high decibel level.
Stand (4135)
The stand supports the Flocell properly during operation inside of the sound enclosure.

830-00521 Process Tank - 25L Capacity (recommended for 20L batches)
- 304 Stainless Steel
- 14" W x 32" H
- Sanitary welded ports (no threading)
- Mounted Thermometer and Thermowell
- Welded tank mixing eductor tube (316 SS)
830-00522 Heat Exchanger - 18" Sanitary shell and tube heat exchanger
- 304 Stainless Steel
- Quick disconnect inlet/outlet
- Flow control valve
830-00523 Magnetic Drive Pump - Magnetic Drive Pump
- Stainless steel, fully-sealed pump head with sanitary tri-clamp connections
- Flow control valve to set flow rates from 0 to 20L/min
- Rated for liquids up to 100°C
- Fan-cooled motor with heatsink to ensure proper operation for continuous flow applications
830-00524 Peristaltic Pump - Variable Speed peristaltic pump with flow rates up to 2.9L/min
- Digital system controls Forward/Stop/Reverse flow with memory
- LED display with keypad
- Easy to clean stainless steel construction
- RS485 interface
- Includes 6 ft. of 3/8" ID silicone tubing (size-36)
830-00525 Sanitary Filter Housing - 10" Stainless Steel Filter Housing
- Sanitary tri-clamp connections with 1/2" hose-barb adapters
- Electropolished product contact surfaces
- Uses 10" cartridge filters
- Sanitary pressure gauge and bleed valve
830-00526 Filter Cartridge - 10" long
- PES membrane material
- 0.2um dual membrane sterilizing grade filter
- Reusable / Back-flush capable for approximately 100L lifespan
- Autoclavable
- Silicon O-rings
830-00914 Chiller - 1400 Watt system
- Nominal cooling capacity: 1.64KW (5596Btu/h)
- Precision +/- 0.3oC
- 6L internal tank volume
- 13L/min maximum flow rate
- 10mm barbed connector
- Dimensions: 23” x 11.5” x 18.5” (58 x 29 x 47 cm)
830-00529 Automation Package - Control interface with the Q2000 Sonicator
- 7" Touch screen PLC control system
- Stainless steel enclosure with stand
- Equipped with pressure, flow and temperature sensors
- Cooling control with smart alarm system and Failsafe mode
NANO-10 NanoOptimizer™, 10kg - Emulsify approximately 200g of Isolate/Distillate/Extract
- 25-35nm particle size achievable with ultrasonic processing
- Creates translucent nanoemulsified product with greater bioavailability
- Average usage ratio: 5.0kg:1.0kg (NanoOptimizer™: Isolate/Distillate/Extract)
- Naturally derived food-grade preservatives and acid for extended shelf life
830-00527 Mixer - 1,200 RPM direct drive lab mixer
- 0.375" dia. X 12" long propeller shaft
- 4.75" diameter propeller
- 6 ft. power cord
- 10" mounting rod
830-00528 Hotplate - 1800W induction hot plate
- 18L Stainless steel pot
- 100 - 450°F digital temperature control
4676 Flocell Probe - 1.5" diameter Flocell probe
- Titanium
4475 Sound Enclosure - Reduces noise generated by Sonication down to safe levels
- Exterior Dimensions: 14.5" L x 17" W x 32" H (369 x 432 x 813mm)
- Interior Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 28.5" (305 x 356 x 724mm)
- Lined with Sound reducing foam
4135 Stand - Supports the Converter and Flocell Assembly properly during sonication
- 11” W x 10” D x 16” H (fits inside sound enclosure)
Flocell Accessories
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Flocell Accessories

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